Due Diligence

1. Within the scope of the due diligence service we will provide you with:

  • full identification of an entity being audited,
  • assessment of its financial standing,
  • identification of risks and threats relating to the entity which is the subject of due diligence.

2. Financial and tax due diligence performed by Misters Audytor Adviser includes  (among others):

  • verification the correctness of valuation of assets and liabilities and establishing the financial result,
  • identification of significant changes relating to the assets and liabilities as well as revenues and costs,
  • identification and valuation of significant economic operations which influence the financial standing of the entity,
  • identification of obligations off-balance sheet,
  • assessment of correctness of tax settlements and resulting threats.

3. Scope and structure of due diligence is each time adapted to the individual needs and requirements of the Client.

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